White papers and reports by external evaluators examine a range of issues tackled by Teagle initiatives, from embedding a culture of evidence for student learning, creating consortial arrangements that encourage innovation and resource-sharing, and preparing the next generation of faculty to teach effectively in the arts and sciences.

report initiative
Consortial Leadership Toward Large-Scale Change (2016)Faculty Work and Student Learning in the 21st Century
Faculty Collaboration and Technology in the Liberal Arts: Lessons from a Teagle Grant Program (2018)Hybrid Learning and the Residential Liberal Arts Experience
Improving Faculty Preparation in Research Universities (2016)Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences
In Search of Curricular Coherence (2018)Faculty Planning and Curricular Coherence
Paths to Engagement: Provoking Intellectual Ferment through Pedagogies of Social Participation-2017A Larger Vision: Education for Civic and Moral Responsibility
Scaling and Sustaining Change and Innovation (2015)Faculty Work and Student Learning in the 21st Century
Evaluation Summary of the Teagle Foundation’s College-Community Connections Initiative (2014)College-Community Connections: Partnerships
Preparing for Evaluation: Lessons from a Review of College-Community Connections (2016)College-Community Connections: Partnerships
College-Community Connections Evaluation Report (2011)College-Community Connections: Partnerships
Implementation and Influence of a Unique Pre-College Experience (2008)College-Community Connections: Partnerships