The Teagle Foundation believes that few challenges are more important than providing a mind-enlarging liberal education for young people as they try to shape lives of meaning, purpose, and informed engagement with the choices facing our society. 

We believe that by working with devoted leaders who bring fresh ideas to their work with students of all backgrounds we can help make a difference not only in their home institutions but more broadly in higher education.

The Foundation is committed to the principle that liberal education entails open-minded engagement with the most challenging ideas of past and present, and that the opportunity for such an education must not be restricted to the privileged few.   

You will find information about our grantmaking on this website—about our current Requests for Proposals (RFPs), projects we have supported, as well as guidelines for prospective grantees.

We hope that you find this website helpful as you seek to learn more about the Foundation’s concerns and commitments. Please let us know if you have questions or comments for us, and thank you for your interest.

--Andrew Delbanco, President