Ideal for faculty and administrators looking to blend business education and the liberal arts, this toolkit combines exemplary syllabi from 26 leading institutions with step-by-step strategies to advocate successfully for curricular innovation.

Conceived with comprehensiveness in mind, these resources cover both inspiration and implementation for those seeking to drive innovation on their own campuses. The courses and curricula were selected from a diverse group of institutions which include liberal arts colleges, business schools, and universities (For a full list click here). The strategies for change it includes were honed over years of convening the Aspen Undergraduate Consortium.

This toolkit is presented with the business and societal needs of the future of work in mind. Whether the effects of disruptive new technology or changing workplace dynamics, business innovation frequently creates situations that feel unprecedented. That makes equipping students with the intellectual resources to lead in those situations critical. Put another way: in preparing students for a professional path that points to uncharted waters, Charting a New Course is deeply pragmatic.