Funded by the New York-based Teagle Foundation, the Community College National Center for Community Engagement and six community colleges across the United States have been participating in the project entitled, “Student Learning for Civic Capacity: Stimulating Moral, Ethical, and Civic Engagement for Learning that Lasts.” The project strives to accomplish the following:

  • Develop 70 courses in the humanities and other fields that build students’ current and future commitment to civic and moral responsibility.
  • Develop strategies for students’ continual building of this commitment across curricular and co-curricular programs to degrees and transfer.
  • Develop, review, and refine a qualitative rubric-based assessment methodology for campus use and national dissemination.
  • Develop, review, implement, and refine a quantitative pre- and post-test methodology for campus use and national dissemination.
  • Create communities of faculty, staff, students, and administrators on each of the six campuses to build program and institutional commitment to civic and moral responsibility.
  • Engage in campus, statewide, and national dialogues on curricular and pedagogical reform promoting civic and moral responsibility.
  • Leverage additional resources from campus, state, federal, and foundation sources.

This website showcases creations, collaborations, and contributions from the community of six community colleges.