The Teagle Foundation’s Board of Directors has approved over $800,000 in support of its ongoing initiatives and special projects to advance teaching and learning of liberal arts education.

Grants Awarded

Faculty Planning and Curricular Coherence supports projects that bring faculty together to create coherent and efficient curricula whose goals, pathways, and outcomes are clear to students and other constituencies with a stake in the future of higher education.

Willamette University, College of Idaho, and Pacific University, Promoting Faculty-Led Curricular Reform
$300,000 over 40 months for the partnering institutions to streamline their curricula, with an eye to reducing the number of courses offered in general education (Pacific and Willamette), majors (Pacific), and professional minors (Idaho), while enriching student learning.

Project Pericles, Creating Curricular Coherence through Inquiry-Based Curricula and Thematic Pathways
$225,000 over 36 months to Project Pericles and a cohort of three Periclean institutions (Macalester College, Morehouse College, and Widener University) to explore unique but allied approaches to fostering greater coherence within their curricula while maintaining an eye to civic education and community-based learning.  

Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences supports innovative graduate preparation programs that cultivate participants’ skills as both teachers and scholars. 

Barnard College and the CORE-USA Consortium, Transforming the Teaching of Economics
$290,000 over 36 months to expand the use of CORE-USA Consortium curricular resources in U.S. institutions and to engage graduate students in the process of producing instructional materials as part of their broader preparation to teach economics effectively.