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Great Lakes Colleges Association






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Richard Detweiler

Great Lakes Colleges Association

Grant Summary

$300,000 over 38 months to launch the GLCA Teaching and Learning Center (GTLC) and expand faculty development for member colleges. The GTLC will deploy a cadre of Pedagogy Fellows, drawn from all the member colleges, to serve as teaching consultants across the consortium. They will serve as the core intellectual leaders of the Center, setting the agenda, leading workshops, colloquies, and webinars, and authoring major resources such as toolkits. The Center will also support a network of Faculty Associates who are interested in disseminating good practice in teaching and learning to their colleagues through shorter articles, annotated research briefs, and workshops for smaller audiences in order to develop the next generation of faculty leadership for teaching and learning. The consortium-based teaching and learning center significantly broadens the array of faculty development resources available to the member institutions, particularly for the majority that either do not have their own centers or rely on faculty with partial course release to carry out the work. This project also pilots a mode of consortial resource-sharing for academic collaboration: moving a cost center from the member institutions to the consortium, where it can draw on a broader base of financial support and offer the potential of significant cost-savings to individual campuses.