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Georgia State University






Pathways to the Liberal Arts

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Brennan Collins; Maggie Renken

Georgia State University

Grant Summary

$300,000 over 36 months to extend Georgia State University’s successful freshman learning community (FLC) model to include incoming two-year students in addition to its four-year students, and to use this as an opportunity to strengthen the FLC experience for all students. The FLC model has been shown to lead to striking improvements in retention and graduation. With Teagle support, Georgia State will ensure that entering two- and four-year students are placed into thematically focused FLCs and will participate in project-based learning (e.g., undergraduate research) starting in their first semester. This process is expected to improve the core experience for Georgia State students and create project-based opportunities for students pursuing liberal arts degrees who rarely have a chance to do collaborative work under close faculty supervision in a large research institution.