campus partner(s)

Moravian College

Drew University

Muhlenberg College

Roanoke College

and Susquehanna University






Outcomes and Assessment

award date


project director

Curtis A. Keim

Moravian College

Grant Summary

$25,000 over 12 months. The collaborative will develop interactive assessment expertise (ie. a category of assessment methods that emphasizes face-to-face interactions between investigators and students) and delineate specific questions that participating institutions wish to answer through value added assessment. To this end, Moravian College will host a conference for member institutions on methodologies in value added assessment. Participants will read works on value added assessment and interactive assessment that will help the collaborative think about how their project might add to the methodologies and knowledge that already exist. The collaborative will also engage an assessment consultant who will help the campuses devise the methodologies and questions that will allow them to assess programs of intense student-faculty interaction. The expected result is a proposal for funds to implement the plans formulated over this year.