campus partner(s)

Keene State College

Fort Lewis College

Massachusetts College of the Liberal Arts

and University of North Carolina-Asheville






Liberal Arts and the Professions

award date


project director

Shari Bemis

Keene State College

Grant Summary

$25,500 over 5 months to support a planning grant with members of the Council of Public Liberal Arts Colleges (COPLAC.) The four COPLAC members have partnered to explore ways of infusing the humanities and social sciences into STEM professional areas. The four campuses aim to promote ethical decision-making in STEM fields. They plan to explore the possibility of sharing faculty expertise in philosophy across the four campuses through the delivery of online or hybrid course content. Faculty will also aim to identify additional ways to integrate scientific and humanistic inquiry by drawing on liberal arts disciplines other than philosophy. This planning process involves faculty from a range of disciplines working in collaboration with information technology and new media professionals to identify courses for infusion of liberal arts content and to develop a strategy to manage that infusion with digital tools so it can be done in a cost-effective manner.