campus partner(s)

Southeastern Pennsylvania Higher Education Consortium (SEPCHE)

Rosemont College

Neumann University

Immaculata University

and Chestnut Hill College






Liberal Arts and the Professions

award date


project director

Beth Moy


Grant Summary

$300,000 over 42 months to a subset of members of the Southeastern Pennsylvania Higher Education Consortium (SEPCHE) – Rosemont College, Neumann University, Immaculata University, and Chestnut Hill College. Together they aim to bring about substantive integration of the liberal arts into undergraduate preparation for business. The four campuses will use the themes of social impact, social entrepreneurship, and corporate social responsibility to bring multidisciplinary perspectives to business education. Through the redesigned curricula, students will be encouraged to reflect on the motivations underlying a given business practice and how decisions impact all stakeholders in a given situation. With support from chief academic officers and deans of liberal arts and business, teams of 14 faculty members at each campus will redesign at least two lower- and two upper-division courses. Targeted courses will typically be required of all business majors and will be sequenced so that students can enhance their critical thinking and other skills over time as they move through their programs of study.