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Princeton University






Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences

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Jeffrey Himpele

Princeton University

Grant Summary

$125,000 over 36 months to support Phase Two of Princeton's McGraw Center for Teaching program that brought together twelve graduate students and three faculty members from science, engineering and social science disciplines for a series of seminars in which they engaged with scholarship on learning and "ways of knowing in the disciplines," and discussed concrete strategies for teaching. The seminar will be seeded with a few "seminar leaders in training" from various disciplines who will - in phase two of the project - each lead their own seminars for 8-10 graduate students and faculty, but with a focus on a particular discipline or disciplinary cluster. Thus there will be 4-5 "breakout seminars" in each of the second and third years of the program that can explore more deeply the teaching and learning issues that are most relevant to the discipline on which each of those seminars is focused, though the McGraw Center will bring all of the breakout groups together twice a year in order to facilitate the clearly beneficial interdisciplinary conversation that has characterized the seminar to date.