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Council of Graduate Schools






Graduate Student Teaching in the Arts and Sciences

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Julia Michaels

Council of Graduate Schools

Grant Summary

$300,000 over 36 months to work with five universities to develop model programs for integrating learning assessment into faculty preparation programs for graduate students. These programs will enhance skills and understanding of future faculty in the assessment of student learning outcomes in the arts and sciences, with an emphasis on the humanities and qualitative social sciences fields. CGS will work with all five institutions to coordinate common activities across programs to identify best practices, will convene key participants at the beginning and end of the project, and will also track the success of the program in terms of numbers of students participating and perceived effectiveness of program activities. CGS will also deploy its robust dissemination network to ensure that project results are both widely known and used, facilitating presentations at is own annual meetings and summer workshops, and producing a publication that documents what is learned both about assessing student learning in the arts and sciences, and about the effectiveness of the program models developed for integrating such knowledge into programs for preparing future faculty.