campus partner(s)

Bucknell University

Dickinson College

and Lafayette College






Engaging Evidence

award date


project director

Michael Smyer

Bucknell University

Grant Summary

$300,000 over 29 months to (1) develop curricular and co-curricular support to enhance the success of underrepresented students and (2) engage in work designed to improve teaching and learning about diversity. Bucknell University will engage in faculty-led work to develop best practices for teaching diversity, create "faculty learning communities" focused on diversity, and offer a series of workshops on teaching diversity. Dickinson will enhance its support for male students of color and international students by testing and evaluating models to improve learning outcomes for these students and also evaluate the institution's diversity requirement. Lafayette will focus on incorporating diversity throughout the curriculum and also train a team of student leaders to serve as peer educators about multiculturalism and social justice. The institutions will meet regularly over the duration of the project to discuss progress, share expertise, and plan coordinated activities.