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Stanford University






Cornerstone: Learning for Living

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Dan Edelstein; Lanier Anderson; Emily Levine; Kathryn Gin-Lum

Grant Summary

$250,000 over 24 months to scale-up the recently approved yearlong requirement for “Civic, Liberal, and Global Education,”where the first two seminars in the three-seminar sequence are anchored in a common set of core texts for incoming first-year students, and to build more coherent cross-disciplinary connections between the humanities and students’ professional aspirations as part of general education. By the end of the grant period, over 75 faculty and 30 postdoctoral fellows will have been recruited to teach the required first-year sequence, staffing at least 225 sections serving 1600 students. Faculty will also devise curricular “roadmaps” to satisfy distribution requirements with humanities courses grouped by students’ professional aspirations (e.g., “liberal education and the engineer”) and to ensure that all students, regardless of major, have significant exposure to humanistic questions are incentivized to pursue a humanities certificate or minor.