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Stanford University






Cornerstone: Learning for Living

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Daniel Edelstein; Parna Sengupta

Grant Summary

$250,000 over 24 months to scale-up the recently approved yearlong requirement for “Civic, Liberal, and Global Education” to be completed by all incoming first-year students. The sequence of three seminars for the requirement is as follows: “Why College?” in the fall quarter; “Citizenship in the 21st century” in the winter quarter; and “Global Perspectives” in the spring quarter. Sections of the fall and winter seminars are designed around common lists of readings, which are determined annually by faculty; instructors are expected to have at least 75 percent of their assigned readings to come from the list set for each seminar. Faculty are also devising curricular “roadmaps” to satisfy distribution requirements with humanities courses grouped by students’ professional aspirations (e.g., “liberal education and the engineer”) and to ensure that all students, regardless of major, have significant exposure to humanistic questions and are incentivized to pursue a humanities certificate or minor.