campus partner(s)

Duke University

Dartmouth College

and University of Notre Dame






A Larger Vision: Education for Civic and Moral Responsibility

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project director

Robert J. Thompson Jr.

Duke University

Grant Summary

$230,000 over 36 months to Duke University, Dartmouth College, and University of Notre Dame to explore the impact of various curricular approaches on the development of the capacities of perspective-taking, empathy, and moral identity that are thought to foster civic and social responsibility in students. Across the project, a variety of curricular and experiential components are being investigated including: a newly established minor in applied ethics (Dartmouth); adding an experiential component to a course-based certificate program for undergraduates to teach ethics to high school students (Duke); and a new Public Scholars Fellowship program that will introduce a new gateway and capstone course (Notre Dame). The projects will use instruments, rubrics, and scales as well as create and test new methods over the course of the project to evaluate students’ moral and civic capacities before and after the curricular experience.