Grantees' Publications

Outcomes and Assessment

  • Meacham, Jack and Ross Miller, "Assessment of Liberal Education Outcomes: Findings from Interviews with Faculty, Administrators, and Students"
    About the grant | Report (PDF, 303KB)
  • Baker, Gianina R.; Jankowski, Natasha A.; Provezis, Staci; and Jillian Kinzie, "Using Assessment Results: Promising Practices of Institutions That Do It Well"
    About the grant | Report (616 KB)
  • Beld, Jo M., Advancing Excellence, Enhancing Equity: Making the Case for Assessment at Minority-Serving Institutions
    About the grant | Report
  • Miller, Tyrus; Poblete, Juan; Shemek, Deanna; Scheinberg, Cynthia; Spahr, Juliana; and Jennifer Summit, What is a Reader? A White Paper on Undergraduate Literacy and the Future of Literary Studies
    About the grant | White Paper | Project Website
  • Skubikowski, Kathleen and Adela Langrock, Assessing Student Progression in Writing in the Disciplines (WID) at Middlebury College
    About the grant | White Paper
  • Berger, Ben and Jan Liss, The Periclean Diamond: Linking College Classrooms, Campuses, Communities, and Colleagues
    About the grant | White Paper
  • Association of Governing Boards of Universities and Colleges, Overseeing Educational Quality: A How-To Guide for Boards of Universities and Colleges
    About the grant | Report
  • The Council of Independent Colleges, "Evidence of Learning: Applying the Collegiate Learning Assessment to Improve Teaching and Learning in the Liberal Arts College Experience"
    About the grant | Report (PDF, 2.4MB)
  • Great Lakes College Association, Associated Colleges of the Midwest and Associated Colleges of the South, "Liberal Education and Study Abroad: Assessing Learning Outcomes to Improve Program Quality"
    About the grant | Report (PDF, 182KB)

On Big Questions of Meaning and Value

  • Graduate Theological Union Working Group, Engaging Meaning through Mentorship: Strengthening Post-Secondary Liberal Education through Vocation-Based Mentoring of Future Faculty
    About the grant | White Paper (PDF, 380KB)

On the Relationship between the Disciplines and Undergraduate Liberal Education

On Big Questions and the Disciplines

  • American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, "Evaluation of the Biochemistry / Molecular Biology major as defined by the American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology"
    About the grant | White Paper (PDF, 576KB)

Teaching and Learning

  • College of Saint Benedict / Saint John's University Working Group, "Controversial Conversations at a Faith Based Liberal Arts College"
    About the grant | White Paper
  • Cornell University Working Group, "Eliminating Racial and Ethnic Disparities in College Completion and Achievement: A Teagle Working Group on What Works and Why"
    About the grant | White Paper (PDF, 1.69MB)
  • Social Science Research Council, "The Religious Engagements of American Undergraduates"
    About the grant | Guide
  • Moy, Elizabeth; Sullivan, Gerard; Terlecki, Melissa; and Christian Jernstedt, "Building Faculty Capacity Through the Learning Sciences"
    About the grant | Article